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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus

The smartest office
When working at a multinational corporation or a challenging project, your productivity, and efficiency matter a lot. There is no such thing as mistakes and time is a valuable asset that matters dearly above anything else. In such an era of cutthroat competition, one has to stay ahead of his campaign as there is no other way. Being equipped with the right gadgets and technology helps you to spearhead your campaign in the right direction and achieve your organizational goals, like a pro.

With the all-new Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, you get to function like a pro like never before. The benefits and advantages are plenty and the functions offered with Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus are amazing, to say the least. With this version of the signature Office from Microsoft, you get to work and get your jobs done in a jiffy.


The major elements of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus
There is much to watch out for, in the new Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, which is highly touted for its ability to yield a top-class professional demonstration of what it looks like to be a multitasking person. With its array of programs and utilities, there is hardly any scope for missing out on something, and most importantly, working on projects, assignments, and presentations has never been simpler. With one single version of the office, there is a lot to be achieved and showcased to your peers and superiors. Grab the power of simple communication of the most complex data and information with the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus.

Take a look at some of its stark features:
Equipped with a bundle of utilities: With the popular MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Onenote, Access, Outlook, and Publisher available with the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, there is hardly any need to look elsewhere for a replete computing solution for your office needs.
Use multiple inputs: The Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus is programmed to operate under multiple input methods. As long as you are using a Windows 8 or higher, you can use a touch-based input method to feed your commands or data into the system, which needs to be worked upon.
Use the newest assistant: in town With the new Tell Me box, you can easily type in something that you need to get done. This new assistant shall then be available for your queries and will tell you how something needs to be done.
Splurge in the new themes: Choose just the perfect themes for yourself. Whether you want to go for some lighter versions or a dark one, there is one for everyone. Themes are now customized for vision aid as well, making them easier to access and use.
Enhance your reading experience: Powered by Bing, you can now enhance and use a reading experience that surpasses your expectations. When reading an office file, you can get access to all the relevant reading material from the internet.
Use one of the many templates: Want to present your ideas and projects in a variety of ways? Use your creativity along with the array of templates available with the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, to create and design your projects like never before!

Why should you purchase the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus?
With plenty of benefits and advantages that accrue to a user with Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, the ease and comfort of carrying out operations cannot be overlooked. Take a look at the host of benefits that you can derive from this super version of the Office:
The all-new Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus lets you make use of assistants within the programs, for an enhanced learning experience.
Users get to make use of advanced versions of the Office bundle, including Word, Excel, and Access.
Share and preview the work performed so that you can collaborate in real-time and access data anytime.
Best used for businesses and small businesses who can utilize the programs and features of the Office version for a systematic and organized working environment.
Sharing your work is now very simple with the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus. With in-built tools and features provided with every office application, one can now easily share his work with others in a jiffy.
The all-new Publisher with the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus allows online photo printing options which save up a huge amount of time and effort.
Every application in the Office bundle is now optimized for a quick response and working criteria.
Easily purchase the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus online through any platform for an assurance of authenticity and genuineness.

System Requirements:

Operating System:  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
Graphics: DirectX 10 graphics processor
Hard disk space:
3 GB
1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
1 GHz


How long does it take to receive my order?
As soon as we can successfully process your payment, you will receive a download link for your product and a Product Key. This process is usually between 15-45 minutes. If your order is delayed long than this, please contact us via live chat for the details of your purchase. If we are offline (you can check if the live chat is available to ensure that we are online), delivery can take up to 8 hours.

What is a digital download, and how does it work?
A digital download is an electronic version of your software product, giving you access to download and use your new software immediately. This means that a physical CD or DVD is not included with your purchase. The software install program is downloaded through cloud-based storage or directly from the manufacturer.

What are retail software products?
Retail software products are the same physical items you would purchase at your local software stores. They are packaged for retail sale and usually include the original box, physical CD or DVD (s), a manual, the paper license agreement, and an Activation Key/Code. Similar to OEM software, a Retail Product is licensed for use on one computer only.

Can I buy a single-use license software and install it on multiple computers?
Retail Product and OEM software licenses are designed to install and activate on one computer only unless otherwise specified.

How long does a genuine software license last?
The license for any product purchased from GoQubits is a lifetime (perpetual) license unless otherwise specified. You may be required to purchase a new license with a new version of the product. In some cases, you might be eligible for an upgrade license that will allow you to upgrade at a discount price.

How can I be certain that my copy is legitimate?
GoQubits is a Certified Partner of all Product Companies sold to our website, and as such, all our software products are 100% legitimate and authentic.
All of the products can be registered and downloaded directly from the company’s website. The only exception to this is discontinued products and products that the company/manufacturer has specified different registration instructions, such as activation from the product itself without or with registration after the installation of the product. More specifically about Microsoft’s products with your order, you will receive a screenshot of the validity test of your key/license and key/license information. 
If you are unsure about the registration process of the product you want to buy, you can ask us via live chat.

Can I update my software over the Internet?
Since these are genuine products, you will be able to obtain regular updates from the company using an Internet connection.