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Speed up, clean up, and fix your PC with our advanced PC performance optimizer.

Get your PC running like new:

  • Clean out junk for more storage space.
  • Enjoy faster performance and startup speeds.
  • Update your programs automatically and avoid security risks.

See the difference a TuneUp can make
Make an old PC live longer or a new PC run better with AVG TuneUp. Sleep Mode technology boosts speed and performance by forcing apps into hibernation, while disk and browser cleaners free up storage space.

AVG TuneUp
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Automatically fix and maintain your PC
Tired of bugs, crashes, and freezes? AVG’s Improved Automatic Maintenance tunes your PC every week for you, so you can enjoy better performance every time you turn it on.


Clean your registry the easy way
If you want your Windows operating system to work its best — with fewer crashes and errors — let us routinely fix your registry.
Give your PC the care it needs
Clean up browser traces, tracking cookies, cache files, and program leftovers to enjoy more disk space

Speed up and tune up your PC
Get your programs running faster, your PC starting quicker, and your games running smoother with AVG TuneUp and our patented Sleep Mode technology. Here’s how it works:


Optimize your PC with Sleep Mode
Installed programs slow your PC down by hogging memory and CPU. Our completely revamped Sleep Mode technology puts them to sleep and wakes them up when you need them — and not a moment sooner.

See how Sleep Mode works:

  • Put programs to sleep.
    Find apps that start automatically, background processes, and scheduled tasks. Then put them to sleep so they don’t drain your PC or slow you down.
  • Restart sleeping programs whenever you want.
    Kick-start sleeping apps at your convenience — our patented technology automatically enables all background activity.
  • Put programs back to sleep when you’re done.
    After you’re done using the app, we’ll re-freeze all resource-draining background activity for you.

Remove bloatware and junk programs
Unnecessary programs, old toolbars and trial versions, and software that came preinstalled in your PC can take up space and cause trouble down the road. Which is why we make it easy to get rid of them.


Find and remove unwanted software with Software Uninstaller
Our Software Uninstaller detects bloatware and helps you get rid of it, along with programs you no longer use or forgot you had.

See how Software Uninstaller works:

  • Unwanted software
    Get a full list of apps installed in your computer — including pre-installed ones — and see how they score in usefulness with our unique rating system, which combines blacklists/whitelists, heuristic algorithms, AVG’s Recommendation Engine, and user reviews.
  • Old software
    See which programs you haven’t used in a while, and identify the ones you don’t need anymore. Not sure about a particular app? Use the Move to Trash feature to put it in quarantine.

Get more room for the stuff that matters
Your PC starts accumulating junk from the very first day: leftover Windows files, junk from the web, and more. You don’t need any of it, so AVG TuneUp cleans it out so your PC has the space for the things you need.


Deep-clean your hard drive with Disk Cleaner
Get rid of useless junk — installer files, old backups, and temporary system files — and make space for the stuff that really matters.
Give your PC the care it needs
Clean and boost over 20 browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge, and Opera in one easy click.

Get all your programs up-to-date with one click


AVG TuneUp’s Software Updater checks your installed software and updates them all to prevent security issues, bugs, and other problems.


Let’s talk numbers
We’re not just making stuff up: the numbers are in, and AVG TuneUp is the clear solution to your device’s performance problems.

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System Requirements:

OS:Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7


How long does it take to receive my order?
As soon as we can successfully process your payment, you will receive a download link for your product and a Product Key. This process is usually between 15-45 minutes. If your order is delayed long than this, please contact us via live chat for the details of your purchase. If we are offline delivery can take up to 8 hours. Please check our Online Status on the homepage. Thank you.

What is a digital download, and how does it work?
A digital download is an electronic version of your software product, giving you access to immediately download and use your new software. The software install program is downloaded through cloud-based storage or directly from the manufacturer. This means that a physical CD or DVD is not included with your purchase and an internet connection is required.

Do you offer a warranty?
All licenses are 100% authentic, so we offer a warranty equal to the license duration. For example, if you buy a license for one year, we guarantee that license will work for one year. The majority of products can be registered to the company’s website so that you will have complete control of the devices and your license. If you want to learn if the specific product can be registered and controlled from the company’s website, you can contact us via the live chat option. 

How long does a genuine software license last?
The license will last for its named duration. For example, a 1-year license will last for one year.

How can I be sure that my copy is legitimate?
GoQubits is a Certified Partner of all Products Companies that sold to our website, and as such, all our software/products are 100% legitimate and authentic.
All of the products can be registered and downloaded directly from the company’s website. The only exception to this is discontinued products and products that the company/manufacturer has specified different registration instructions, such as activation from the product itself without or with registration after the installation of the product. More specifically, about Microsoft’s products with your order, you will receive a screenshot of the validity test of your key/license and key/license information. 
If you are unsure about the registration process of the product you want to buy, you can ask us via live chat.

Can I update my software over the Internet?
Since these are genuine products, you will obtain regular updates from the company using an Internet connection.

Can I share my license with someone else?
No, because it will lead to the banning of your license from the company itself. All licenses are intended to be used and controlled only by the person who bought them and activated them unless the company allows multiple users access or states otherwise.