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Devices: 1 Android.
Duration: 1 Year.
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Avast Mobile Security for Android
Protect your mobile with award-winning free antivirus for Android. Scan and secure your device in real time against viruses and other malware, strengthen your privacy, and get faster performance from your phone.



Get powerful malware and antivirus protection for Android
Protect your Android device against viruses and other malware, strengthen your online privacy, and clean out junk files to enjoy top performance and extra storage space.


Block all potential threats
Prevent viruses and other malware from infecting your Android device. 

  • Perform regular scans to detect threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Detect malicious apps before you install them.
  • Block malicious links and websites and flag sensitive ones on all browsers.
  • Verify the security of any Wi-Fi network.


Protect your privacy
Keep intruders out of your business, both online and on your device. 

  • Secure your photos and apps using a PIN code, pattern, or fingerprint password.
  • Hide your online activity and access geo-restricted content with VPN.
  • Get an alert if any passwords connected to your email account have been part of a leak or hack.


Secure your data remotely
Remote control lets you stop thieves from accessing your data and helps you recover your device if it becomes lost or stolen. 

  • Track your device’s location
  • Lock your device or wipe all of your sensitive data


Enhance performance
Keep your Android device running as good as new. 

  • Free up storage space by cleaning out junk.
  • Speed up your device with RAM Boost.


Take control of your digital habits
Gain insights into how you use your apps and data 

  • See which apps you spend the most time on.
  • Learn which apps are better off used on a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Easily check app permissions to understand how apps access your phone.


What makes Avast the best antivirus for Android?
Avast Mobile Security for Android is one of the best free antivirus programs for Android users because it enhances your privacy and security with our cutting-edge cybersecurity protections and the world’s largest threat-detection network. You can protect your Android mobile or tablet in real time against the latest types of malware, including new and rapidly growing threats like ransomware.
If your phone gets stolen, you can track its location and also lock it or remotely wipe it to protect your sensitive personal data. If your device is already infected with malware, remove the threat quickly with our free virus removal tool and malware removal tool.

Why do Android devices need antivirus protection?
Android phones and tablets need strong antivirus software because Android ransomware, spyware, and other malware is on the rise. Without Android security software, your phone may get infected with malware.
Avast Mobile Security for Android also protects your phone with automatic Wi-Fi network security checks. And should your phone or tablet get stolen, we’ll help you lock your device, wipe any sensitive data, and track its location.

Why isn’t Android’s built-in antivirus enough?
Android has several built-in security features to protect your device from hackers and malware, but without third-party antivirus protection, they’re not enough to protect you from all the different kinds of threats out there.

  • Android can quickly check if apps are safe, but it’s not a reliable antivirus solution against new and emerging threats.
  • Android runs apps in an isolated “sandbox” where they can’t access other portions of your device without your permission. But many people accidentally give apps more permissions than they need, and this can allow malware to spread across your device.
  • Malicious apps sometimes make it onto Google Play, where they’re downloaded by thousands of people before they’re caught. Unofficial app storefronts are often less-secure than Google Play, which increases your risk.


You’ll always be safer with specialized antivirus software like Avast Mobile Security for Android on your Android device. It’ll detect and block malware before it can infect your device, and if you’re already dealing with an issue, Avast Mobile Security will remove the malware from your Android and prevent future infections.

Will Avast Mobile Security impact my phone’s performance?
Avast Mobile Security for Android won’t have any impact on your phone’s performance. It runs in the background and won’t drain battery life or affect your phone’s speed. If your phone has started slowing down, learn how to speed up slow Android devices and get them running like new.

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