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Avast CleanUp Premium
The ultimate PC tuneup. Speed up and clean your PC, update your apps, and fix annoying problems.

  • Clean out junk for more storage space.
  • Enjoy faster performance from your PC.
  • Set up automatic maintenance.

Speed up, tune up, and revive your PC
Your PC isn’t getting any younger. Fix what’s slowing you down with Avast Cleanup’s patented breakthrough technology.

Avast C;eanUp Premium

What’s slowing me down?
The more programs you install and use, the slower your PC becomes for three main reasons.
Startup items
Many programs run automatically when you turn your PC on, significantly slowing its startup time.
Background processes
Your programs could be running in the background even when you’re not using them, hogging your PC’s memory and CPU.
Scheduled tasks
Your software often sets its own schedule and can suddenly come alive and slow down your PC.

Speed up with Sleep Mode

Our tuneup process detects performance drains and stops them for you, without making you uninstall programs or interfering with your PC
Time to sleep
Switch on Sleep Mode to freeze any program that’s slowing you down. While asleep, it won’t use up any resources.
Wake up
Launch the program you put to sleep, and let our smart algorithm automatically enable all of its background activity.
…and back to bed
Once you’re done using the program, we automatically put it back to sleep to stop it from slowing you down.

The more programs you put to sleep, the fewer you’ll have running in the background, and the faster your computer will be.


Junk programs and bloatware removal

Avast CleanUp Premium

Identifies bloatware and long-forgotten programs
Your PC could be slowed down by programs you haven’t used in ages or never wanted in the first place — trial versions, unwanted toolbars, or preinstalled software. These are a waste of space and speed, and may even be a security risk. Our new Software Cleanup feature gets rid of them once and for all.
Clean it all up
Take the guesswork out of figuring out which programs you no longer need with our cloud-based reputation and unneeded-program detection systems. If you’re afraid to uninstall, we can temporarily put files in quarantine until you decide.


Defrag & care for your hard disk

Avast CleanUp Premium

The ultimate boost for your HDD
Defragmenting is a key factor in PC performance: It’s the process of re-arranging files on a hard disk for faster access. You’ll enjoy faster startup times, less loading, and snappier performance overall.
Cares for your SSD
Newer PCs come with ultrafast flash-based storage (Solid State Drives, SSDs) that don’t need to be defragged. Our Defrag detects SSDs and prolongs their health.


Give your PC a proper cleanup
Running out of disk space? Not anymore. Avast Cleanup scans your PC from top to bottom to remove gigabytes worth of leftover junk files from more than 200 applications, browsers, and even Windows.

Get rid of the daily clutter
Every day you use your PC, it becomes cluttered with leftover files from Windows, your programs, or just from browsing the web. We’ve got the cure.
Browser Cleaner
Clean up online traces and temporary data from over 20 browsers, including Avast Secure Browser, MS Edge, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, and more! Get rid of leftover data that browsers can’t delete by themselves, such as Adobe Flash cookies, and optimize the browser database to troubleshoot and speed up your browser.
Search, plugin, and toolbar cleanup
Is your default search engine constantly changing to one you didn’t pick? Had enough of toolbars crashing on your browser like a bad houseguest? Let our cloud-based reputation system, with ratings from millions of users, help you decide which search extensions, plugins, and toolbars you really need.

Disk Cleaner
Installer files
Installations are messy. They leave behind temporary files that clog up your hard disk.
Temporary system files
Your operating system and programs create temporary files to cache their current operations.
Temporary files left on your disk by programs and Windows.
Old backups
Restore points that the operating system creates to revert back to previous states.


Fix your PC problems
The quick fix for a tired PC, Avast Cleanup comes packed with tools for both novices and pros to fix some of the most annoying issues, crashes and freezes.

Avast CleanUp Premium

Automatic Maintenance
Your PC accumulates a ton of wasteful data every day. But we’ve got your back. Our Automatic Maintenance regularly removes these junk files for you. Automagically.

Cleans up your browser and disk
We remove the leftover cache files and traces from your browser, programs, and Windows.
Removes broken shortcuts
Rediscover your desktop’s wallpaper all over again by deleting all those “dead” shortcuts you never use.
Cleans up your registry
The registry plays a critical role in any Windows operating system, so issues here can result in program crashes and error messages. We fix your registry automatically as part of Avast Cleanup’s regular maintenance.
Disk Doctor
Over time, your hard disk file and folder structure could become damaged, leading to data loss and crashes. Our Disk Doctor prevents errors and cures your disk 24/7. Here’s what we check and fix:
File system errors
Your hard disk is structured like a book: An index pointing to chapters and pages. If this index is broken, your PC suddenly can’t find files or folders anymore. This can lead to missing files, applications no longer working or even Windows crashing. Our Disk Doctor checks for such structural errors and fixes them in no time.



Avast CleanUp Premium

Update your programs automatically
Outdated programs can leave your PC vulnerable to bugs, crashes, and security risks. Our new Automatic Software Updater regularly updates your most critical programs for you.

Why do I need software updates?
Software updates can be critical to keeping your PC running smoothly and safely. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore them.
To avoid security risks
According to our data, over 55% of all installed applications worldwide are outdated, leading to potentially critical security issues. Our Software Updater helps patch security holes for you silently, saving you the hassle of finding, downloading, and installing the updates yourself.
To fix bugs
Bug fixes are part of many updates, so Software Updater helps you enjoy your software with fewer annoying crashes and error messages. We support the most popular applications on earth, such as Adobe Reader, Skype, VLC Player, and WinRAR.
To get the latest features
New updates often bring new features. For example, VLC Player 3 added support for up to 8K and HDR video — something you’d miss if you never updated. Software Updater installs the updates for you automatically, so the next time you open your favorite app, any new features will be ready to go.


The most comprehensive PC optimizer and tuneup toolkit

Avast Cleanup includes everything you need to tune up your PC:

  • Sleep Mode
    Patented tuneup method puts all resource-draining applications in hibernation to make your PC feel like new again.
  • Automatic Maintenance
    Regularly cleans and tunes your PC for you — without you lifting a finger.
  • Registry Cleaner
    Removes hidden junk from the Windows registry and fixes problems.
  • Tuning Dashboard and Action Center
    Offers a quick overview of your PC’s health.
  • Automatic updates
    Finds and installs the latest updates for your most important apps – automatically.
  • Disk Doctor
    Checks, fixes, and prevents errors on your hard disk.
  • Shortcut Cleaner
    Removes dead shortcuts from your desktop and history lists across Windows and other applications.
  • Disk Cleaner
    Safely deletes leftover files from Windows and over 200 of the most popular PC programs.
  • Browser Cleaner
    Removes leftover browsing traces and cookies from 20+ browsers, including Avast Secure Browser, MS Edge, Opera and Yandex.
  • Bloatware Removal
    Detects and removes 3rd-party trials, ads, and toolbars you never wanted.
  • Disk Defrag and Optimize
    Restructures your hard disk for faster file access.

Let’s talk numbers
Our Avast Cleanup has exceeded expectations in our internal tests. Here are the official, mouthwatering numbers for all of you data lovers. (Full white paper coming soon!)

Avast CleanUp Premium

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What makes Avast Cleanup Premium the best cleaner for PC?
 Built by one of the oldest, most reliable software companies in the world, Avast Cleanup Premium has the performance to match our experience. Our advanced bloatware removal tool will scan your entire PC to detect and remove unneeded apps, files, and other junk data that’s taking up space and slowing things down. The easy-to-use design lets you quickly and easily give your PC a tuneup whenever Avast Cleanup Premium detects that there’s something to remove.

How will Avast Cleanup Premium speed up my computer?
Avast Cleanup Premium lets you improve PC performance and speed up your PC in several ways:

  • Detect and remove junk files that take up space on your PC to make your hard drive more efficient.
  • Put background processes to sleep so they don’t steal your PC’s resources from the apps you’re actually using. This can improve your PC’s speed.
  • Defrag your hard drive to prevent crashes and freezing.
  • Improve your PC’s boot speed so you can get started faster.
  • Delete browser cookies and caches with the built-in browser cleaner.
  • If you’re looking for other ways to speed up your PC, we can help with that too.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium an antivirus?
Avast Cleanup Premium does not protect your device from viruses, ransomware or other types of malware. Rather, Avast Cleanup Premium finds bloatware and other non-harmful files that are wasting your PC’s storage space and removes them. While this can improve your PC’s performance, these junk files aren’t actively malicious, and thus aren’t considered malware.
To defend against malware, phishing, and other threats, try Avast Free Antivirus — it’s a powerful, lightweight security tool that will keep you safe without slowing your PC down.

Why is Avast Cleanup Premium so safe to use?
 Avast Cleanup Premium is entirely safe to use on your PC, Mac, and Android devices because it’s built and maintained by one of the most trusted names in cybersecurity. Our dedicated team of security and performance experts designed Avast Cleanup Premium so that you can rely on it to safely clean out your PC and remove only unneeded programs and files. We also update it constantly to ensure that it runs smoothly and keeps your PC in top shape.

Avast Cleanup Premium
Next generation tuneup and cleanup for your PC


How long does it take to receive my order?
As soon as we can successfully process your payment, you will receive a download link for your product and a Product Key. This process is usually between 15-45 minutes. If your order is delayed long than this, please contact us via live chat for the details of your purchase. If we are offline delivery can take up to 8 hours. Please check our Online Status on the homepage. Thank you.

What is a digital download, and how does it work?
A digital download is an electronic version of your software product, giving you access to immediately download and use your new software. The software install program is downloaded through cloud-based storage or directly from the manufacturer. This means that a physical CD or DVD is not included with your purchase and an internet connection is required.

Do you offer a warranty?
All licenses are 100% authentic, so we offer a warranty equal to the license duration. For example, if you buy a license for one year, we guarantee that license will work for one year. The majority of products can be registered to the company’s website so that you will have complete control of the devices and your license. If you want to learn if the specific product can be registered and controlled from the company’s website, you can contact us via the live chat option. 

How long does a genuine software license last?
The license will last for its named duration. For example, a 1-year license will last for one year.

How can I be sure that my copy is legitimate?
GoQubits is a Certified Partner of all Products Companies that sold to our website, and as such, all our software/products are 100% legitimate and authentic.
All of the products can be registered and downloaded directly from the company’s website. The only exception to this is discontinued products and products that the company/manufacturer has specified different registration instructions, such as activation from the product itself without or with registration after the installation of the product. More specifically, about Microsoft’s products with your order, you will receive a screenshot of the validity test of your key/license and key/license information. 
If you are unsure about the registration process of the product you want to buy, you can ask us via live chat.

Can I update my software over the Internet?
Since these are genuine products, you will obtain regular updates from the company using an Internet connection.

Can I share my license with someone else?
No, because it will lead to the banning of your license from the company itself. All licenses are intended to be used and controlled only by the person who bought them and activated them unless the company allows multiple users access or states otherwise.