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ABBYY FineReader PDF for Windows
Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the same workflow.

Robust features for your digital workplace
Work efficiently with PDFs in the digital workplace. Perform various document-related tasks within one single application. Decrease costs by investing in fewer pieces of software. Increase the efficiency of daily work by reducing the number of applications in use and preventing the need to do the same work twice. Enjoy a simple and straight-forward user interface and high-quality results.

Edit and organize PDFs:
Save time and effort by using and finalizing documents in an easy and productive way. Work with any document (whether it was created digitally or converted from paper) in the same efficient manner. Access and edit texts, tables, and the entire layout of your PDF without additional conversion steps.

  • View, navigate and organize PDFs
    Browse through pages, comments, and metadata. Select a convenient viewing mode based on your reading preference. Add, delete, rearrange, rotate, and crop pages. Merge documents into one PDF.
  • Reuse information from PDFs
    Extract (copy and paste) text and tables directly from any PDF while maintaining the formatting – with just a few clicks. Review and update metadata and verify digital signatures to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the document.
  • Retrieve information from any kind of PDF
    Find information quickly and easily, even in scanned PDFs, by using full-text keyword search and bookmarks. Once the document is open, FineReader PDF automatically detects non-searchable PDF documents and instantly applies OCR (optical character recognition) to make them searchable.
  • Edit and update PDFs
    Add updates to previous versions or create entirely new documents based on pre-existing PDFs. You can edit paragraphs or add new ones, add or delete pictures, edit text inside tables, and rearrange elements of the layout within a page. With FineReader PDF, you can edit a scanned document as easily as a PDF that was created digitally.
  • Manage and adapt PDF documents for specific workflows
    Use custom stamps, Bates numbers, and watermarks to adapt PDFs to your workflows. Add or edit links, bookmarks, headers, footers, and page numbers to simplify navigating through the document. Make documents easier to retrieve by adding specific keywords to the metadata.
  • Split PDF documents
    Split PDF documents by file size, by page count, or by bookmarks.
  • Search, Replace, and Redact
    Search for specific keywords to find information quickly, and work with the highlighted results with equal ease to sort through, replace, or redact the retrieved information.
  • Fill out PDF forms
    Fill out interactive fields in PDF forms or scanned paper forms to add text at the designated spaces. Sign forms using facsimile or digital signatures.


Collaborate on and approve PDFs:
Share ideas, collect feedback from the team, and get documents approved. Use collaboration tools to discuss and make decisions directly in a PDF by marking up, commenting on, and drawing within the document.

  • Mark up and annotate
    Conveniently annotate any part of a PDF (text, images, a chart or chart area, captions, etc.) using Notes, Text Box, and a wide range of markup and drawing tools.
  • Comment and discuss
    Exchange ideas and questions by commenting on any markups or replying to comments. Assign a status to each comment to create more transparency among collaborators and better guide the discussion.
  • Send documents for approval to others
    Share documents with stakeholders and collect multiple digital signatures within the same PDF.
  • Manage comments and accelerate decision making
    Search by keywords, sort, filter, and assign a status to comments. Also, stamps can easily be added to designate the status of the whole document.


Protect and sign PDFs:
Mitigate security risks when sharing and storing PDFs. Apply and verify digital signatures, redact sensitive information, remove hidden data, and manage access to your PDF documents.

  • Redact sensitive information
    Prevent the disclosure of privileged or confidential information with a reliable redaction tool. Permanently and irreversibly remove sensitive information such as personal data, bank account numbers, etc., from a PDF, including body text, headers and footers, comments, and metadata. Search through and redact either single keywords or a predefined list of keywords throughout the whole document within seconds.
  • Remove hidden data
    Mitigate the risk of unintentionally sharing confidential information in a PDF by removing hidden objects and data with one click. You can remove text layers added by OCR, comments and annotations, attachments, bookmarks, metadata, links, media, actions, scripts, and form data.
  • Apply password protection
    Manage access to PDF content with different levels of password protection that restricts either opening the document itself or taking actions with its content such as printing, editing, or extracting information.
  • Certify with digital signatures
    Sign PDFs with a digital signature certificate. In addition to a digital signature, you can create and insert a facsimile of your handwritten signature. Verify digital signatures in a PDF to ensure their authenticity and integrity.


Create and convert PDFs:
Take a digital-first approach by standardizing documentation in the PDF format and capitalizing on its advantages. Convert paper documents or files in multiple formats into searchable PDFs (compliant with ISO specifications) or convert PDFs into Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and more than 15 other formats to obtain full flexibility when editing and reusing them.

  • Create industry standard PDFs
    FineReader PDF can create PDFs from more than 25 different file formats or directly from paper documents. The range of supported PDF types includes PDF/A-1 to PDF/A-3 for long-term archiving and PDF/UA to ensure information is accessible when using assistive software such as screen readers.
  • Convert PDFs into editable formats
    Quickly turn your PDFs into fully editable formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and others — one by one or in batches of multiple PDFs all at once. ABBYY’s intelligent OCR and PDF document conversion technologies ensure high levels of accuracy, plus document layout and structure retention quality for further effortless editing.
  • Merge documents into a PDF
    Create a single PDF from several files in different formats, or create a new PDF by extracting pages from existing PDFs and combining them into one.
  • Advanced PDF conversion
    The OCR Editor provides advanced tools and options for precise control and exceptional flexibility when converting PDF documents into editable file formats.


Create and edit fillable PDF forms:
To create fillable PDF forms or make a PDF form fillable, FineReader PDF offers a PDF form creator tool, Form Editor. You can add fillable fields, drop-down lists, multiple-choice questions, action buttons, and more to make interactive PDF forms for surveys or information collection, create standardized PDF document templates, etc. Prepare a form by making the necessary changes to an existing fillable PDF form, or even create a fillable form in PDF of any kind.

  • Design fillable PDF forms from scratch
    To create a fillable PDF form, just add texts, pictures, and various interactive fields to a blank document. With FineReader PDF, it is easy to create form fields by adding such elements as text fields, dropdown lists, radio button groups, check boxes, signature fields, and buttons.
  • Make your forms look great
    Neat, clear fillable PDF forms are much easier to use. In FineReader PDF’s Form Editor, adjust the appearance, size, and position of the form elements. The alignment assistant will help align them easily.
  • Set actions
    Set the required fields. Add buttons and assign actions to collect information or guide users to submit the form, open a file or a web link, go to a page, run JavaScript, or reset the form.
  • Repurpose existing fillable forms
    Create an interactive form based on an existing one. You can even add fillable fields in a non-fillable PDF to convert it to a fillable form.


Compare documents in different formats:
Quickly and reliably identify differences between two versions of a document across different formats, including scans. Identify unauthorized changes quickly, check to see if edits were implemented as agreed, or verify that the document has not been changed at all.

  • Compare documents quickly, reliably, and effortlessly
    Avoid the long, tiresome process of comparing text in two documents line by line. FineReader PDF detects the differences between two versions of a document within seconds. It accurately identifies relevant changes to the text without additional conversion steps, even if the versions of the document are in different formats such as Microsoft Office, digital PDF, scanned PDF, or even other scan and image files.
  • Focus on the most important differences
    FineReader will only display the differences that affect the meaning of the document and disregard insignificant differences such as formatting or line breaks. This lets you review documents 5 to 20 times faster* so you can focus on what is most important, simplify your work, and reduce the chances of missing something that matters. You can even manually disregard differences that are not relevant for your task, and they will no longer appear in the list of comparison results.

    *In comparison to other PDF solutions, when comparing document copies in DOCX and digital PDF formats, according to ABBYY’s internal tests.

  • Export and share comparison results
    Tailor comparison results to your needs. If someone needs to approve or edit the changes, export to Microsoft Word in Track Changes mode. Or use a PDF with the differences marked as comments to share and discuss with others. You can even save a list of the differences themselves in a Microsoft Word table to have an overview for your records, reports, or discussions.
  • Compare multilingual documents
    FineReader PDF supports text comparison in 40 languages, including documents written in multiple languages. The software can also automatically detect a document’s language.


Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR:
Leverage the digital workplace by digitizing paper and scanned documents for storage and quick, reliable retrieval or to instantly reuse and edit. Experience the unparalleled accuracy of a market-leading, AI-based optical character recognition (OCR) technology and see how it simplifies your paperwork.

  • Create searchable PDFs
    Easily turn paper documents, scans, and scanned PDFs into searchable PDFs so you can quickly retrieve documents from digital archives and access the information within them. FineReader PDF supports the PDF/A format, the standard for long-term archiving, with all conformance levels and variants from PDF/A-1 to PDF/A-3.
  • Reuse and edit
    Convert your paper and scanned documents into editable files in Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice Writer, and other common formats. ABBYY’s AI-based OCR and document-conversion technologies ensure high levels of accuracy and maintain layout and structure for further effortless editing.
  • Advanced document conversion
    Manage the text recognition and document conversion process in detail. The OCR Editor provides advanced tools and options for enhanced document conversion with the flexibility that a specific document and task may require. Powerful image preprocessing tools and additional settings to maintain the layout of the document further improve accuracy and consistency. With a practical verification tool, you can quickly and reliably check just those characters in the converted text that could have been recognized incorrectly.
  • Save storage space
    Reduce the file size of PDFs by up to 20 times with mixed raster content (MRC) compression.
  • Scan documents with a mobile device*
    With the new ABBYY FineReader PDF Mobile installed on your iOS or Android device, you can capture documents and send them directly to FineReader PDF on your Windows PC for further processing.

    *Requires a mobile app (ABBYY FineReader PDF for Android or ABBYY FineReader PDF for iOS). You can download them from Google Play and the App Store.


Optimize digitization and conversion routines:
Leverage FineReader PDF functions integrated with Microsoft Office. Take a digital-first approach: capitalize on the advantages of working with PDFs. Automate document conversion routines across document varieties and multiple formats: PDF, Microsoft®Word, Excel®, and more than 15 others.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Office
    Improve your work with documents in Microsoft Office with FineReader PDF. Open and edit scanned and PDF documents instantly in Microsoft Word. Save emails, attachments and folders as searchable PDFs in Outlook. Create PDFs directly from within Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Compare a document directly from Word with its PDF or scanned copy.
  • Automate with Hot Folder
    Use a Hot Folder to automate document conversion tasks for individuals or workgroups — for example, to prepare documents scanned on the office multifunction printer or obtained by email as attachments for further processing. A Hot Folder is capable of processing up to 5,000 pages per month* (the number of pages resets every 30 days) and uses up to 2 CPU cores for document conversion.

    *Conversion of multiple documents within the main FineReader PDF 15 user interface (New Task window) is unlimited in all product editions (Standard, Corporate).

  • Set up tasks for watched folders
    Set up a watched folder on a local or network drive, FTP server, or mailbox, and any files placed in it will be converted automatically with the pre-defined settings, immediately or according to a schedule. With a Hot Folder, you can set up the processing settings for each watched folder individually.
  • Integrate FineReader PDF via CLI
    Make document conversion and comparison easier and quicker to perform for the users of the DMS or ERP systems deployed in your organization. Do quick and simple integration of FineReader’s document comparison or conversion functions via command line interface (CLI) to call them directly from the system’s interface for the document(s) the user is currently working on.
  • Custom tasks for common routines
    Set up custom automated tasks with conversion steps and settings specifically tailored to your frequently performed tasks. Make repeating, daily conversion procedures easier to carry out in just a few clicks.


Optimize document processes
Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in one workflow.
Make the most of PDFs
Edit digital and scanned PDFs with a newfound ease: correct whole sentences and paragraphs or even adjust the layout.
Digitize the document workflow
Incorporate paper documents into a digital workplace with AI-based OCR technology to simplify daily work.
Streamline IT costs
Benefit from 1 or 3 year subscription plans and volume discounts to maximize the impact across your organization.
Standardize software assets
Deploy one PDF solution throughout your organization to ensure multiple stakeholders can collaborate smoothly.
Simplify license management
Lower IT workload with automated deployment and straightforward license management.

Award-winning PDF solution!

  • Edit, protect, and collaborate on PDFs.
  • Create and convert PDFs.
  • Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR.


System Requirements:
Operating system:
Microsoft® Windows® 11 / 10
For working with localized interfaces corresponding language support is required.
Centralized deployment and virtualization
The operation of ABBYY FineReader PDF 16 has been tested for the following configurations:
Microsoft Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2 (including the use with Remote Desktop, RemoteApp and Remote Desktop Web Access)
Citrix Workspace App 1808 (using installed application accessed from a server), Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Minimum requirements:
PC with 1 GHz  x64 processor
2 GB of RAM; in multiprocessor systems, an additional 512 MB of RAM is required for each additional processor.
1.6 GB of hard disk space for typical program installation and 1.6 GB free space for optimal program operation
Video card with 1024×768 resolution or higher
An Internet connection is required to activate your serial number.
Keyboard, mouse or other pointing device
Recommended configuration:
1.5GHz or faster x64 Intel® or AMD processor
4 GB of RAM
1.6 GB of hard disk space for typical program installation and 1.6 GB of free space for optimal program operation
Video card and monitor supporting a resolution 1024×768 or higher
An Internet connection is required to activate your serial number
Keyboard, mouse or other pointing device

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